You read right!

That’s right, the Superbowl is today!   Time for wings, beer, and a bunch of guys soaked in sweat chasing after a ball (maybe deflated a little?) made out of pig skin.



So, how on earth does tea even manage to fit into this one?

No need to fear, Tea Love is here to help you serve your guests some awesome snacks, all of which involve tea.

The Tea Spot, a tea shop based in Colorado, posted numerous recipes that are tasty for Superbowl Sunday.

How about try their Red Rocks rub for your steak, chicken, and potatoes?   This rub is made from their Red Rocks tea, a blend of rooibos tea, vanilla, and almond bits.   They also boast a recipe for steaks (can substitute Portobello mushrooms if desired), roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, and ice cream using this tea.   A bonus?   If you forgot to make something prior to your Superbowl party, these recipes can easily be made within an hour or so (though you might want to give yourself a little lead time, just in case) and with recipes easily found at the store, so long as you have the tea for it.

Why not give their Grasshopper Green tea a try?   This one blends peppermint and green tea, yum!   A little zing from the peppermint really should enhance both the flavor of the tea, as well as the Thin Mint Green Rub, which The Tea Spot says is great on chicken, veggies, and shrimp.   Most of the ingredients should be found in your pantry already.

Those who know me know that I love mango.   Now, The Tea Spot put it in their Mango Tango tea!   The name says it all – mango with Ceylon tea and some passion fruit.   I can see this being great for a tropical taste.   Again, they have a rub using items that you can mostly find in your pantry (though I have to admit, I do not really keep wasabi in my house, so that’s a unique item).

Their Boulder Blues sounds tasty, mixing two different types of green tea with wild strawberries and rhubarb.   Personally, I know that green tea can sometimes be a bit much for me, but the sweet undertones should really help to move this tea along.   There is a rub, but you want to prepare for this one, unless you happen to have Chipotle Chile peppers and Majoram lying around.   Want to impress for dessert?   Try serving some poached pears or a fruit salad with this tea.

Earl Grey is a popular tea, and their Early of Grey sounds no different.   Take their rub and put it on your pork and fish for an awesome taste!   They even have a recipe for smoked chicken with it, as well as some easy-to-handle-while-screaming-at-the-TV cookies.

Finally, they have a Lapsang Souchong, a black tea that has a very smokey flavor.   Want to give your guests a treat?   Make them marbleized eggs with this one.   You can find a recipe on my blog, or you can use the one as posted by The Tea Spot.

So sit back, enjoy time with friends, watch the game, and enjoy some snacks with recipes from The Tea Spot!

HAPPY ONE-YEAR, TEA LOVE! – A Photo Highlight.

Tea Love is officially celebrating its 365th day in existence!   Thank you so much to all my dedicated readers and followers who have kept faith and felt that this blog would become something great 🙂

Stats for the Year As Of October 20, 2012

Stats for the Year As Of October 20, 2012

Can you believe that we are almost up to 7,000 views on this blog?!   I just think that’s wild!

Map of Stats Since February 25, 2012

Map of Stats Since February 25, 2012

Viewers from all around the world.   Too bad I can’t post the full list, but this is definitely impressive!

Tea Love Earrings - I Do Wear Them In Public!

Tea Love Earrings – I Do Wear Them In Public!

Can’t say I love this picture of myself but I definitely love the picture of the earrings 🙂   Yes, I do still wear them in public.   If you see me walking around, feel free to stop me to chat!

Tea Love Necklace - Donated To A Friend

Tea Love Necklace – Donated To A Friend

No, I do not still have my Tea Love necklace, though I do want to make one for myself.   This was donated to a friend who wears it happily 🙂

An Array of Tea From Artemesia - Such Variety!

An Array of Tea From Artemesia – Such Variety!

A local store that sells all organic, American-made materials, including boasting a wide variety of tea!   The owners now know me as the tea girl 🙂   So glad they opened!

Tea And Cookies From The Tea Spot - LOVE This Place!

Tea And Cookies From The Tea Spot – LOVE This Place!

And of course, last but not least, The Tea Spot, also located in downtown Cranford, New Jersey.   Another favorite that I love going to!

Again, thank you so much for all that YOU have contributed to this blog!   Without your interest, your reading and your dedication, this would not happen.   Let’s root for another year!