Thank You, West Milford Township Library!

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not posting last week!   But here I am again with a thank you to the West Milford Township Library 🙂

So, at the talk, I explained basic tea knowledge, including the history of tea, the science behind tea, the medicinal benefits of tea, and finally, how to brew a good cuppa.

We had over 50 people at the West Milford Township Library, all with some amazing tea knowledge!   At the end, we celebrated the day with tea and goodies made by the Friends of the West Milford Township Library.

Everyone had wonderful tea mugs, including proper tea saucers and china, some heavy mugs that seemed sturdy enough to hold a whole pot of tea, and even some mugs that would be suited for a museum.

Some of the patrons told me that they have tasted tea from all over the world, including Israel where they have an herbal mint tea of mint leaves and sugar with a touch of lemon, another who sampled tea in Turkey, and yet another who sampled from Africa!   Obviously, we had some very well-traveled tea samplers as well.

One patron asked for some tea shops in the area where they could search for some good loose and bagged tea.   While I could not provide the answer, not being from the area, all the other patrons stepped up and threw out so many names, I was in awe!   So many places to shop in West Milford for tea!   Obviously, I am growing up in the wrong town.

At the end, people thanked me for the talk and some mentioned that they exchanged contact information with one another in order to host a tea party of their own.   The power of tea, bringing people together for a relaxing cup 🙂

So again, thank you so much, West Milford Township Library, for being wonderful hosts!   I hope to come again to give another talk.

Lots Of Exciting News In The Tea Love Realm!

Good morning, fellow tea sippers!   Tea Love has A LOT of exciting news to share with you this wonderful day 🙂   I’ll break it up into four parts, to help you out:


A Very Lovely Father's Day To All The Wonderful Dads Out There, Especially Mine <3

A Very Lovely Father’s Day To All The Wonderful Dads Out There, Especially Mine ❤

I hope everyone is doing something nice with their dads today.

2. Tea Love is hosting another talk!

Yes, I will be hosting another talk!   This one will be held on Tuesday, July 16th, at 6:45 PM at the Bradley Beach Public Library, 511 Fourth Avenue, Bradley Beach, New Jersey 07720.   Learn tea basics and be sure to bring your own tea mug to partake in some tea samples.   Tea will be provided by Tea Spot, located in Cranford, New Jersey, and we will be holding a raffle with two baskets!    Sponsored by Bradley Beach Public Library.

Come Out To See Tea Love Speak On Tuesday, July 16th, 6:45 PM!

Come Out To See Tea Love Speak On Tuesday, July 16th, 6:45 PM!

3. Tea Love is hosting a contest!

If you follow my Facebook page, then you saw that on Thursday, I posted a picture of a mysterious package.   Wanna know what was inside?

A Fun Package Of TEA!

A Fun Package Of TEA!

Tea Love will be giving away some of this lovely tea, courtesy of Red Rose and Salada Tea!   You might remember my blog post on Red Rose Tea from January 27th this year.   Well, now Tea Love will be giving away a collection of tea to one lucky winner!   All you need to do is send an email to with your name, your address, and your best tea story (500 words maximum), anything you want as long as you write about tea.   The winner will have their story posted on my blog on Sunday, July 14th and will have this shipped to them:

If You Win The Contest, You Will Receive These Lovely Teas

If You Win The Contest, You Will Receive These Lovely Teas

The package will include 1 (one) box each of Salada Raspberry Green Tea Iced Tea, Salada Peach Nectarine Green Tea Iced Tea, Salada Berry Patch Black Tea Iced Tea, and Red Rose Original Tea.   Winners must be located within the U.s. to receive this prize.   Sorry, all international readers!   The blog post with the winner will hold the first name and first initial of the last name only.   Tea Love will not use any information provided outside of the contest.   No purchase necessary.

4. A Review!

For the rest of June up until July 7th, I will be reviewing these amazing tea packages for you and telling you how wonderfully fantastic they are!   Our first tea?   We’ll discuss the Salada Raspberry Green Tea Iced Tea.

I brewed myself a cuppa last night and chilled it, according to the directions.   This morning, I took my first sip and I must say, absolutely lovely!   There is a hint of raspberry amongst the sea of vegetative green tea.

However, that being said, the green tea isn’t so overpowering that you need to load this particular tea up with sugar to try and get a little sweetness in it.   If you’re not a green tea fan, you might want to add a small spoonful of sugar, but not a lot.   Taste test it before you put the drink in the fridge to cool so that, if you do need sugar, you can add it in and have it dissolve while hot.

The tea is also relatively strong, as well.   There is enough caffeine where I did not need a cup of coffee this morning, but it doesn’t have me crashing either.   One thing that always disappoints me is when I have a cup of tea that tastes more like water than it does tea but this tea has the perfect ratio.

The smell of the tea is rather sharp and you can smell a lot more of the green tea than you can the raspberry.   Since it’s iced, it has a different smell than a cup of hot green tea, but it is interesting and tasty, nonetheless.

Look-wise, it looks gorgeous!   It has a light reddish amber tinge to it and, if placed in a glass pitcher with some ice cubes and maybe even some fresh raspberries on a sunny summer’s day, you have yourself quite the pretty picture.

Overall, I definitely highly recommend this iced tea on a hot summer’s day!