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A Visit to the Miller-Cory House Museum

Hello fellow tea sippers!   This past Sunday, I went over to the Miller Cory House Museum in Westfield, New Jersey for a seminar on tea.   While sadly, I was not allowed to take photographs inside the house, I did get some nice ones outside.   We also will hopefully have a guest blogger sometime in the future!



A very simple sign.   Admittedly, I drove right past and had to do a few U-turns before I actually found the house!   The houses in Westfield sometimes have that luxurious, antiquated feel to them and this was no exception.

Gorgeous Day!

Gorgeous Day!

The house, built in 1740, was built by Samuel Miller after getting married.   It was bequeathed through the family until it was sold in 1784 to Joseph Cory by Samuel’s son, Jesse Miller, for 579 pounds.   Since then, it has changed hands until the Westfield Historical Society obtained the deed in 1972.

A View of the Cory-Miller House Museum

A View of the Cory-Miller House Museum

Sadly, I was not able to take photos of the actual tea event.   However, the presenter brought in some amazing pu’erh tea, which were in bricks!   I had always read about tea in bricks but never saw it until that day.

The tea was brewing for a few hours and had a rich color, almost the shade of coffee.   It had a delightful earthy taste with a sweet undertone to it.   As the speaker said, as with wine, it simply gets better with age.

Did anyone else go to this event?   Share your thoughts, comments, photos, etc!

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