Tea and The “L” Word

During the month of February, l’amour is found wafting in the air. The birds seem to chirp a little bit more merrily, the sun shines a little more brightly and roses and chocolates are flying off the grocery store shelves.

Now is also the month where more people search for the elusive love potion, the elixir that is destined to make men and women fall in love and bind fast to one another for the rest of eternity. People have been searching for that special mixture for ages with parties searching for items that were moist, produced flatulence (per eighteenth century Europe) and were warm. Martin Downs, author of Aphrodisiacs Through the Ages, explains, “Almost everything edible was, at one time or another” considered an aphrodisiac.

Of course, tea is no exception to this rule. In fact, it is a common belief that foods and drinks containing caffeine such as coffee and tea might stimulate the senses and cause excitement, thus setting an ideal mood. However, Paola Sandroni MD, neurologist at the MayoClinic and author of Aphrodisiacs past and present: a historical review, states, “I think the effect is much more general,” she says. Though the caffeine might stimulate the central nervous system, they do not seem to give the body the love bug.

That still does not stop stores from cashing in on this idea. Popular tea brand Adagio Tea, which has a warehouse in Garfield, NJ, sells an aphrodisiac tea that claims to be “Like a warm summer’s kiss on the beach, this tea will take your breath away. It’s love at first sip! Need to feel some love? Tangerines and strawberries are natural and tasty aphrodisiacs.” The NY Daily News wrote an article in May 2013 about how Ceylon tea can help rev the libido and improve blood circulation. Going down the aisle of the Asian supermarket, one can often find a box of Horny Goat Weed herbal tea for sale.

Whatever the case may be, what harm would there be to brew up a tasty cup of Masala chai and a box of truffles? Travaasa.com published a recipe that is designed to stir the senses and send the drinkers to Cloud Nine.


– Bay leaves

– Cinnamon

– Ginger

– Green cardamom

– Fennel

– Anise

– Cloves

– Black pepper

– Darjeeling tea or black tea

— Combine all the ingredients except the tea in a pot of water and bring it to a boil

— Allow the mixture to simmer for five minutes

— Steep the mixture for 15 minutes

— Add two teaspoons of tea. Note, if you want a stronger brew, simply add more tea

— Boil the water for another five minutes

— Serve in your favorite tea cup and enjoy

A Tea For Every Sign

Today is my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday, so here’s a happy birthday post dedicated to her!   This charming young Pisces, according to astrology-online.com, is:

Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic

On the dark side….

Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague
Weak-willed and easily led

All The Symbols of the Zodiac

All The Symbols of the Zodiac

So, what would the ideal cup of tea be for her?

No need to fret about what to get this vague sign.   Adagio Teas has it all figured out.  They have worked together with tea lover Inguna T in order to blend up some wonderful zodiac teas.

But what is Adagio Tea all about?

Founder Sophie Kreymerman started out small, purchasing her teas from the local Chinese markets.   Then, in 1999, she decided to stop working working as a manicurist part-time and start selling tea.   After all, how hard would it be?   Open a teashop, serve a cuppa every once in a while, make a few bucks, nothing big, right?

Well, when you factor in the fact that her son just came home after living in Eastern Europe for six years working with companies adjusting to capitalism and her other son worked in the tech department of a high profile financial company, it might be a bit bigger than expected.

The family decided that the internet was more the way to go, so they found a tea supplier and built a Web site.   Now, the name.   That dreaded, “Let’s come up with a cool, awesome name that no one thought of before and is witty to engage everyone in the internet realm” task.   According to Adagio, “Not only did it have to match the mood of a cup of tea, it also had to appear at the top of the alphabet (the way search engines of the late 90’s prioritized their searches). A brief read through the first few pages of the dictionary and Adagio was found. Chosen also was a theme – music.”

The tea company quickly grew, expanding from their former site in Clifton, New Jersey to Garfield, New Jersey in a 26,000 square-foot warehouse and now ships from a 24,000 square-foot warehouse in Fresno, California.

And that’s the scoop!   Learn more about Adagio Tea and sample some of their wares!   Or, better yet, buy some Zodiac blends for a birthday pal 🙂

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