The Art of Tasseography

Halloween is almost upon us.   Black cats, evil witches, and sorcery that enraptures you and entices you into another world.   Amongst that witchy witchcraft that you might stumble upon is tasseography, or reading tea leaves.   I have blogged about this before but, since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to explore it again!

Tasseography has been around for centuries, using liquids that leave behind some dregs, AKA tea.   This is typically done by the women of the family.   It is a domestic form, being that fortune tellers, gypsies, and others preferred a more profitable way of taking money from their customers.   Strangely, though many books have been written on the occult and witchcraft, none have been written exclusively on tasseography.

According to Reading Tea Leaves, “A glance through this book [The Little Tea Book] will show that the spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement.   As these qualities are all associated with the ways of women, it is to them, therefore, the real rulers of the world, that tea owes its prestige and vogue.”

In order to read tea leaves, one must first and most enjoyably foremost drink some tea.   This requires using a teapot that will allow you to brew loose tea, a teacup with a wide mouth that has sloping slides (to allow leaves to stick a bit to the sides), and a plain inside of a tea cup.   Of course, you don’t want a nice design inside to interfere with your reading.

Do not strain the tea when pouring it so that the leaves fall in.   Some believe that you cannot read your own tea cup, but this is your preference, so you might need a friend handy.   Just understand that if you read your own cup, that you might not read it as objectively.

Observe your tea before you read.   Are there bubbles on the surface?   You might be falling into money.   Leaves floating on the surface?   Visitors are coming, might as well set up another chair.   The amount of leaves floating indicate how many days away they are.

Leave a small amount of liquid at the bottom of your cup.   Holding the tea in your left hand, swirl the tea leaves around clock-wise.   Upend the cup onto the saucer and let the liquid drain away.   Look at your leaves and start interpreting!   A small amount of leaves indicate a tidy and disciplined life, while a lot of leaves indicate a rich, busy life.

Feel free to turn the cup around and search for symbols until everything becomes clear.   And of course, have fun!

Have you read your leaves?   What did you find?