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A Time To Celebrate, A Time To Love, A Time To Drink Tea!

Perfect Holiday Tea

Perfect Holiday Tea

It’s that time of year again!   Scrambling for presents, decorating houses with Christmas trees, menorahs and/or snowflakes, and hosting holiday parties to gather friends and family in order to exchange gifts and share happiness.

Well, what kind of a “tea-o-phile” would I be if I did not prompt you to have a Holiday Tea Party?

There are plenty of cute ideas that you can do in order to make this holiday merry, bright and tea-rific!   Why not try to…:

  • Have an area where people can decorate their own tea mugs!   You might have seen the pin on Pintrest suggesting this fun activity.   All you need are some mugs (found cheap, about $1.29 at The Christmas Tree Shop), some assorted colored Sharpies and an oven to throw your mugs in once you are done decorating.   This activity is fun for both children and adults.
  • Stock up on some holiday tea.   Just go in Google and type, “Holiday tea” and watch the onslaught of tea!!!   Personally, I love Celestial Seasoning’s selection.   A green choice and all very tasty.
  • We all know about mulled wine, but what about mulled tea?   Check out Food.com for a yummy recipe.
  • Sit down and watch some tea-inspiring movies, such as Alice in Wonderland, or some nice Beauty and the Beast.
  • These recipes made with Bigelow Tea are bound to make you drool, whether you choose to serve appetizers, a meal or some sumptuous desserts.   Personally, I am contemplating persuading my family to let me try Jasmine Green Tea Truffles.
  • Make cute gifts for your party guests, such as a tea traveler pouch!   Need ideas?   Go on Tea Love’s Pintrest page.
  • And of course, relax, and enjoy your good company.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, however you choose to celebrate, make sure that it is a happy one!


A Blessed Passover

I wish all my Jewish friends and readers a blessed Passover today.

A View of a Passover Plate

A View of a Passover Plate

A Very Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas to all!

Makes You Think, Doesn't It?

Makes You Think, Doesn’t It?

Happy Hanukkah!

A very happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

A handy source for this holiday:

Photo Credit:

Uber Comments.   Uber Comments: 16323.jpeg, 5 Dec 2011.   JPEG.

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my tea-lovers!

Perhaps The Ultimate Game Of Hide And Seek?

Perhaps The Ultimate Game Of Hide And Seek?

A Special Thanks

I just wanted to issue a special thank you to our veterans on this special day.


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