A Very Refined Review – Zagat Survey On Tea Houses

Hello my lovely sippers!   The famous Zagat came out with an intriguing article earlier this week, announcing the 8 Tea Hot Spots in NYC!   For those who do not know, Zagat Survey, according to their Web site, “is based on the belief that the shared experiences of large numbers of users is inherently more accurate than the opinions of a few critics. Ratings capture the distinct qualities of an establishment on Zagat’s signature 30-point scale. Zagat editors summarize users’ feedback into concise reviews with high standards of accuracy.”

Zagat recommends tea houses that range from the edgy, stylish The Lambs Club, so named after drama critic and essayist Charles Lamb, all the way to the more traditional Afternoon tea served at the Crosby Street Hotel.

Currently, my friends and I are all a-twitter about heading into the City for a day and stopping at each tea shop and tea house on the list.   But, that brings me to another question.   Where would you rather go?   Do you prefer more traditional?   Or more of an updated look?   Or maybe you would rather purchase the tea and head home to cuddle in a blanket and a nice book?   Leave a comment here to let me know!