Catherine Felegi is willing to conduct presentations with groups in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania regarding all things tea. Each seminar runs about an hour, and includes a talk focused on a particular topic, as well as a tea tasting portion. Talks can also be personalized for groups. Visit the Contact page to book your talk today!

Tea 101: A Brief Introduction

Catherine’s most popular talk. Tea has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Learn in this interactive workshop interesting tid-bits about the beverage, how tea is made, some medical benefits about the drink, and how you can make the perfect cuppa.

High Tea Party

When one hears the word “tea”, images of finger sandwiches, delicate chinaware, and women donning lace gloves balancing fine amber beverages abound. Find out how to hold your own high tea party, while enjoying a refined atmosphere.

Tea From Around The World

One of the beautiful aspects of tea is the fact that it is enjoyed worldwide. Explore different cultures and find out how tea is revered worldwide. Perfect for libraries.

Create Your Own Seminar

Catherine is willing to work with you to develop a unique seminar for your group so that you can get the most enriching experience in your tea journey.

*Note, Catherine provides up to five teas for participants to sample, a display featuring related tea items, and handouts for the event. The organization is asked to provide any food, tea add-ins, hot water access, and a minimum of two tables and enough chairs for the event. Recommended to reserve two hours for set-up and clean-up. Prices vary according to the talk and location of talk.

Let’s Enjoy a Cuppa Together