While I do try to emphasize this on all relevant blogs, I wanted to make sure that this is front and center – I am not a doctor. The extent that I have medical experience ends at the Johnson and Johnson first aid kit in my closet. While I have an interest in medical science and can usually do a pretty decent job dissecting medical lingo and journals (having worked as an editor at a pharmaceutical in the past and having a now-expired Basic Life Saving certificate and CPR certificate for both adults and children), that does not mean that I am an expert.

Please, before starting any routine, even something that may seem as benign as tea, talk to your doctor. You would be amazed at what sort of interactions any routine can have with your health. You can’t drink grapefruit juice with certain medicines. Eating cucumbers is a risk for some people. The caffeine that naturally occurs in tea, even in minor amounts, can prove to be problematic for some individuals.

I don’t want to hear about any of my readers getting hurt because they decided to follow my guidance rather than their normal practitioner who has years of medical knowledge and experience backing them. So please, remember, I am not a doctor. Only use tea for a regimen in consultation with a professional.