Happy Mother’s Day From Tea Love!

Happy Mother's Day From Tea Love!

Happy Mother’s Day From Tea Love!

International Day Of Happiness – March 19, 2015

It was the International Day of Happiness last week!   I hope you all got your happy on!

Break It Down Now!

Break It Down Now!

We know all the numerous health benefits that are derived from a cup of tea – lower blood pressure, possible cancer-preventing agents, more antioxidants, just to name a few.   But what about its overall impact on your happiness?

Tea engages all the senses.   The hiss of the tea pot as your water comes to a boil, ready for its tea to be plopped in.   The sight as the water transforms from a clear to an amber, a purple, a green, a golden yellow, as the tea brews.   The warm embrace as your fingers wrap themselves around a warm cup, radiating out to tingle your entire body.   The smell drifts up and reminds you of relaxing times, times when your mother might have cared for you when you were sick, or when you met with a friend to discuss light things at a cafe.   The taste washes over your tongue and creates a complex array of delights.   You can fully immerse yourself in a cup of tea and be present.

Tea also has a sort of ceremony that begs one to slow down and enjoy it.   You can’t exactly rush the brewing of a cup of tea.   For the best type of tea, you need to be methodical, measure everything appropriately, have the right temperature, have the right cup, and brew for the right amount of time.   Sure, you can throw in a bag and forget about it, but it’s so much more therapeutic to take your time to relax.

Sure, you can brew a cup just for yourself, but it means so much more with a friend.   You can even sit in silence together, enjoying each other’s presence.   It does not matter.   With the tea between you, it’s just being there that makes all the difference.

I hope all of you enjoyed the International Day of Happiness!   And I hope that you all got a good cuppa in that day as well to help enhance your day.