Gross Post Of The Week – Wash Your Cups

For those of you who don’t know, I get Google Alerts in my inbox every day for the words “tea + drink”.   This has yielded some interesting new stories, such as the idea of cheese tea.    Well, the latest alert?   Has me more sad than anything….


If you drink coffee or tea over at your office, I HIGHLY recommend you wash your mugs both before and after you drink.   Per, Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, states that 90 per cent of most office mugs carry dangerous germs, and 20 per cent of those carry fecal bacteria.


AKA poop.

AKA yuck.


I don’t want to drink out of toilets anymore than you do.   So, why is this a thing though?   Do people actively bring mugs back and forth from the break room to take a poop?   How do we find and stop these heinous individuals who share more of themselves than you ever care to be exposed to?

In fact, it comes about most often when you use the office communal sponge (thank God I keep mine in my desk).   These sponges harbor germs and might not be thrown out as regularly as they should be.   Therefore, when you wash your mugs using these sponges, you are really just wiping a cesspool into your cup rather than actually cleaning it.

Your best bet?   Take your mug home and wash it in your dishwasher.   You can probably also get away with disposable cups or, as I do, have your own sponge.

Because no one wants to drink poop.


I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

First, let me thank the Scotch Plains Public Library for hosting my Tea Love talk yesterday regarding the health benefits and advancements with tea. You guys rocked! Over twenty people, all engaged, and lots of fun.

Second, thanks for sticking around with me! So, as a writer, sometimes life gets in the way. It is hard to come up with new material on a weekly basis that would be worth reading. Then throw in general humdrums of life like full-time jobs, family and friends commitments, and more, and it is easy for things like blogging to fall to the wayside.

I missed it every moment, but I wasn’t good enough to keep up at that point.

Now, I am hoping to step up my game and get it working again! Not only did Scotch Plains invite me back to talk, I will also be speaking again in New York at the Orangeburg Library October 8th! My love for tea and for writing never died, so super excited to get started again.

So keep your eyes open on the blog and on my Facebook page for all things tea 🙂