Tea Love: Instilling a Love of Tea, One Sip At A Time

My History With Tea

Growing up with tea, I was not a fan.   The green tea would grow bitter in my paper cup at Coffee Hour at my church, requiring me to drown the bag and liquid in a deluge of sugar and milk.   I could continue to sip anyway, though, in an effort to be “healthy” (though I must admit, I doubt there was much health left in that cup).   I got my health in other places – all the vegetables that I would eat, the gallons of milk that my brother and I would finish within a few days of purchase, the fruit (especially grapes) that would magically disappear in a night – but something about green tea, despite the taste, always drew me in.   If only I had read the package to see that I was supposed to take the tea bag out, I might have liked tea a little earlier.


Then I discovered new teas.   Black teas and herbal teas caught my eye, in particular.   Black teas because though they always had the same strong undertone, they were also so versatile with the fruits, flowers, and oils added in.   Herbal teas because of their sweetness, like juice, but better for you.   I would buy tea bags by the bulk whenever I went to the Asian Food Market.   I would steal tea bags from the cafeteria from college.   My friends knew about my tea addiction and would tease me about it.


When I got back from college, I remember sifting through the cabinets one day and finding a mason jar full of dried flowers.   Curious, I took a sniff.   Chrysanthemums.   I later found out that my mom would drink it when she could not sleep.   I thought I was the only tea-drinker in the family.   For some reason, this simple thought made me feel at peace, a little closer than I was before.   It might not seem like much, but to me, it meant the world.


Not finding a job right out of college definitely hit me hard, both self-esteem and wallet.   I kept applying every day, working at my normal job, but never moving forward.   I knew I had to do something.   I would write articles for online news sources.   I would call and apply everywhere.   I took a job where I would only work three hours a week for minimum wage with a thirty-minute one-way commute in an effort to just get my name out there.   Nothing felt like it was working.   So, I decided to start a blog, and Tea Love was born.   It has been moving steadily ever since.


I had boyfriends who would try and work with me on my tea habit.   One would try and surprise me with teas he would be sure I had never had before and then present me with an apple cinnamon tea (but at least he tried!).   My current boyfriend and I share our love of tea.   He accompanies me to Tea Love talks, we often indulge ourselves by curling up with the television and drinking warm cuppas.   His eyes light up like mine when we talk about tea.   And he knows that when I am crying and cannot be consoled, that a warm cuppa will mean the world to me.


It has been a few years since Tea Love came about.   It has been many years since I started drinking tea and enjoying it.   I research, I read, I learn, and I grow.   I hope to one day write a book about tea.   In the meantime, I will be content curling up with my cuppa and watching the world go by, knowing that I will make it in the world with a warm cuppa in hand.


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