Talking About The Save Our Cuppa! Campaign

If you are reading this blog, I’m going to make the assumption that you like tea, or at least want to learn more about it.   You possibly have a cup every morning, relaxing in the sunlight peaking through the window as you take gentle sips from your oolong, white, pu’erh, black, green tea.   You might save it for when you are sick, reminiscent of the times when your mother would milk a little bit of honey and lemon in a cup for you in hopes that you will get better soon.   You might use tea bags, dunking them in until you get your taste just right.   Or, if you are like me, you prefer the more aromatic loose tea, which also allows you to control the amount and strength of your tea.

When I brew my tea for myself, I have to admit, I don’t indulge in as much pomp as I necessarily should.   I might use a tea bag, or I might just pour some hot water over the tea leaves that are snug in the strainer of my tea mug.   At work, I make sure to use my DavidsTEA mug constantly since it is so convenient, what with its stainless steel infuser and a lid that doubles as a saucer, how can a tea lover NOT love this product?

Since Lilac Is My Favorite Flower, I Might Need To Make A Purchase Soon

Since Lilac Is My Favorite Flower, I Might Need To Make A Purchase Soon

But truthfully, as I announce in all of my Tea Love talks, you really should have the most room for your tea leaves to open up and allow the most flavor to steep into your cup.   A campaign started in the UK known as Save Our Cuppa advocates for the usage of the teapot for multitudes of reasons.

“Once the only way to make a proper cup of tea, the humble teapot which saw us through two World Wars, recession, sporting victories and disasters and countless broken romances has fallen from favour,” writes Ruki Sayid of the Mirror, a UK-based news source.   Per Said, teapot sales have halved in the last five years as people are turning towards the more convenient teabag.

Social etiquette expert Liz Brew-er is now an advocate for the Campaign for Civilised Tea Drinking and said, “We must preserve the custom which for centuries has been the hallmark of polite society.”

So, what are some ways that you can help out with the Save Our Cuppa campaign?   Social media, for one, is a good place to start.   Tag yourself drinking tea that was brewed in a teapot rather than in the mug!   After all, raising the awareness that brewing tea in a teapot is still a thing could prompt others to see the classy-ness and quaintness of having a teapot full of tea.

Serve tea to your friends using teapots.   Sharing is caring, and the act of using a teapot might inspire that friend to share a pot of tea with you sometime.

Go to restaurants that use teapots rather than bags or cups.   This one is a bit tricky state-side, as it’s hard to find places that do this.   Don’t give up though!

And of course, the most obvious one?   Use teapots instead of mugs!   You get a better brew that way anyway, and you get more tea.

Happy sipping!

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