Mystery Package – Revealed!

Hi all!

So, in case you didn’t read last week’s blog post, I did have a bit of a health scare which is getting better.   I am not completely out of the woods yet, but it looks like kidney cancer is very low on the possibility list.   I might either just have some other issue, or I might only have one kidney (kinda cool!).   I will keep everyone posted.   In the meantime, prayers, well wishes, what have you, are all welcomed.

Now, onto tea…

I got a wonderful little Christmas gift in the mail the other day!   Not one, not two, but THREE Keurig cup packages from Red Rose Tea!

Yay!   Lots Of Tea!

Yay! Lots Of Tea!

That’s right – Red Rose Tea contacted Tea Love again for another round of reviews, and this time, they are having me test out their new Keurig cups.   Admittedly, one thing I love about Red Rose Tea is the little figurines they include with all their teas.   Sadly, the K-cups do not come with the nautical theme that they have this year, but I did manage to score a cute little scuba diver head the last time I did a review for them.

As you know, I am not entirely sold on K-cups.   The Keurig delivers a flash brew from a bunch of tea dustings.   While it’s good for what it is, I can’t say I am wild, over-the-top, crazy about them.   However, when I am looking for something faster than even a tea bag, I know I can also grab a K-cup.

Now, to dissect these little guys.   Each one has a tin foil lid, just like most K-cups.   Let’s take a peek inside:


Never Too Thrilled With Tea Dustings...

Never Too Thrilled With Tea Dustings…

As I thought, the tea is a bit of a powder.   This will help promote quick brewing, but does lack the quality of a loose leaf tea.   However, when you are on the go, this is pretty helpful.

As established in my blog Undressing The K-Cup, I explored how a Keurig brews the tea.   There’s no temperature control, so everything brews at 192 degrees, which is a bit colder than the 200 degrees needed for black teas, but should do here because the tea is a powder.

Now, what about the taste?   Find out next week how it is, how it looks, and if you should go running to your grocery stores!


4 thoughts on “Mystery Package – Revealed!

  1. FYI, We tried the new Red Rose K-Cups and they are very very good. Tried thos because I buy Red Rose tea bags and I just like the brand. (Have tried others and gave them away! Just not the same for me). Anyhow these are very easy to brew and flavor is great!


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