The Last Of My Inca Teas – Tawantin Black Tea

So, I have reached the final review of my Inca Teas that I have been shoring up for the past month.   Not going to lie, it’s kid of sad to write about the final tea in this four-part series.   All the teas were something new, unique, and I give Tea-EO Ryan Florio A LOT of credit for quitting his job and going into an industry he knew nothing about and yet coming out with this fantastic blend for the public.

The tea that I saved for last?   A full-bodied Tawantin black tea.

Tawantin Black Tea

Tawantin Black Tea

As has been the norm with this tea, Ryan ensured that we were able to see each bit of the tea within the drink, including his famous purple corn.   The drink consists of three different types of black tea (two of which are organic) and some purple corn.   The website explains, “The Inca referred to their empire as Tawantinsuyu, “four parts together.” In Quechua, the term Tawantin is a group of four things (tawa, meaning “four”, with the suffix -ntin which names a group).”   Very simple compared to the other teas which had blends of fruits all over, but don’t be fooled!   This does not lessen the tea one bit.

Instead of the typical purple look I have been getting from all the teas, I have the deep, rich brown shade similar to coffee, which is typical of black teas.   I also got the black tea smell, a strong earthy scent with slightly sweet undertones that is unmistakable for tea.

I brewed it in my cup and have been sipping on it since dinner time, around 7:00 PM (it’s 9:30 now).   Though the tea has gone cold, that is not a bad thing!   Hot or cold, this tea has proven to be a pleasure to drink.   I can see it being better for a morning time drink rather than an evening drink like I am having it right now, since I can promise you that the caffeine jolt is going to keep me up all night.   What I also like about this tea is that sometimes, when I let my black tea go cold, I see this film that develops on the side of my mug (not exactly the most appealing thing to witness as you sip away).   That, by the way, is due to the calcium carbonate found in the water and the tea.   However, with this tea, not so!   Definitely a plus, since the scum that forms is not exactly the most appetizing view.

So, all in all, now that we are done with the Inca Teas, I can confidently say to give it a try!   Ryan assured me that other types will be coming out, so keep your eyes open for new ones.   Prior to working with Ryan, I had never heard of purple corn.   Now, I am glad I had the opportunity to try it, love it, and search for more.

4 thoughts on “The Last Of My Inca Teas – Tawantin Black Tea

  1. i wonder if this black-purple corn tea can be used as a potential chai tea, since chai is a mix of flavored black tea with milk. i assume the flavor of purple corn is a welcoming sweetness for a different sort of chai tea.


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