Getting a Pick-Me-Up From Inca Tea™ Pick Me Up Peach

Right now, as I write this, it is almost 9:00 PM on a Monday. I just got home from waking up at 6:30 AM, driving to work by 8:30 AM, working about nine hours, driving home, went to WalMart to do shopping, fought a HUGE crowd, came home, cleaned my car from a busy weekend abroad, ate dinner, wrote a press release for my church and now, I sit at the computer writing this article.  Shouldn’t I be tired?  Exhausted?  Saying that I will leave my writing for another night?

Thanks to Inca Tea™, I don’t need to.

For those who haven’t read my last blog post, you might have seen some gorgeous brown boxes stacked neatly in your local stores.  A new brand of tea called Inca Tea started popping up in stores and it is quickly growing.  The Earth-oriented company is based out of Cleveland, OH.  Founder and owner Ryan Florio first discovered the majesty of purple corn tea when he and his friends traveled to a Peruvian mountain trail for a whole ten days, led through the dangers by their guide, Edgar.

Prior to the hike, Florio had multiple health issues and was advised not to go.  However, the trip was too enticing and soon, he found himself on a trek through the mountains.  The first day out, Edgar decided to brew a cup of tea.  “Is an old Incan tea.  Very good.  You must try,” Edgar said, brewing enough for the entire group.

Florio was struck by the deep red-purple color that the brew created and asked Edgar to brew a cuppa for each day of the hike.  “I felt physically awesome,” he said.  He eventually came back to the States, quit his job despite never having had coffee nor tea in his entire life prior to that trip, and started researching the tea, especially purple corn.

A Look At The Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea, Which Started It All

A Look At The Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea, Which Started It All

Look At That Awesome Biodegradable Packaging!

Look At That Awesome Biodegradable Packaging!

The tea, Florio explains is “based off of a thousand-year-old recipe.”  By September, loose teas should be served up along with the current four teas that are offered.

All teas are made with 100% biodegradable sachets and packaged in 100% recycled boxes.  The corn is also ground by hand, blended in Cleveland, bagged in Philly, and then Florio’s parents box it every night for sale.

Right now, Tea Love has four tea bags from Inca Teas.  Last blog post, we reviewed the reason for Inca Tea – Peruvian Spiced Berry.  Tonight, after a highly hectic day, I review Pick Me Up Peach.

Opening up the orange package, the scent is the first thing to hit you.  Wow, is it strong!  This is a pleasant surprise, given that it is a white tea.  Typically, I often receive comments at my Tea Love talks that the white teas are too weak for my sippers.  However, in conjunction with the purple corn, apples, oranges, natural flavors, rose hip peel, and hibiscus petals, the tea is simply bursting to come forth.

Yummmmm, Peaches...

Yummmmm, Peaches…

I brewed the tea and instantly, the beverage turned its shade of purple, a trait of the purple corn.  The scent diluted slightly, but not to the point where it was diminished.  Imagine a strong Cabernet going down to a Zinfandel.  So most definitely still pleasant.

The peach, the rose hip peel, and hibiscus petals were all the flavors that immediately got me.  It was sweet, but sour and sharp at the same time due to the hibiscus.  Most importantly, even after the type of day I had where I was considering going to bed around 8:30 PM, I woke up immediately.  Given that white tea has the least amount of caffeine, that was a bit of a surprise.  The other plus?  I don’t need to worry as much about going to sleep later because I know that the caffeine content is so minimal (mind you, this is coming from a girl who can drink seven cups of coffee with no adverse effect and yes, this fact has been tested).

I would recommend this for a nice afternoon cuppa, since it doesn’t have a lot of caffeine and won’t keep you up all night but it is enough where you will perk up enough for an afternoon meeting.  Be careful not to overbrew though, as this does have the potential to get bitter!

Next stop on the tea list?  Mountain Of Mango!

4 thoughts on “Getting a Pick-Me-Up From Inca Tea™ Pick Me Up Peach

  1. I have always liked coffee more than tea. The fact is, I disliked tea and would only drink it when I felt ill. I made tea by heating water I pan until it boiled, then poured over teabag and that was it. Not great. Then I tried boiling water in microwave and again with the teabag and again, not great. SO now I have the Kurig. I use the hot water feature and pour over my teabag. Less objectionable, but not as good as the Chinese restaurant teas.
    I had a teapot but that rusted after a time, so I used it for potting flowers.

    About a week or so ago, I was at BJ or Costco and saw a whistling teapot. It was elegant, shiny and sleek in design and only a mere $44.00. I looked, then put back, then looked, then BOUGHT IT.

    I came home, cleaned it and made my first cup of tea in this shiny new WHISTLING teapot. I could not believe the difference in the quality of the tea. It was incredible! Who knew that the very thing Catherine emphasized at her tea talks about the temperature of the water and length of steep time would make a difference. Now, I drink a cup of tea daily and actually like it!

    So sorry to have doubted you Catherine. Maybe now even oolog will taste good and I ca try new teas like the purple corn, etc.! (I currently use Red Rose, BTW)


    • LOL, glad that I was able to “convert” you! That is great that you are now drinking tea daily, and it gives you a regulated pick-me-up versus coffee, that gives you that energy burst and then you crash afterwards.

      Definitely try some of the purple corn. I hadn’t heard of it prior to Ryan contacting me asking to write about his tea and I must say, it is definitely worth it! You can buy it online or, if you would like, I can ask Ryan if he has a comprehensive list of places where they are selling his tea and we can see if one is by you.


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