A Day Of Free Tea

So, the other day, I was at the mall with my boyfriend and two friends.   As we wandered around the mall, I got a craving for (guess what) tea.

While I would not have minded some Harney’s and Sons from Starbucks or anything, I was craving for something a little different.   Loose tea.   Sweeten slightly, but not by much.   I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but i knew that it was a good cup of tea.

Thankfully, DavidsTea recently opened up at Menlo Park Mall and I am what is known as a frequent steeper.   As a member of the frequent steepers, I get a free cup of tea each month (so sweet!!!).   The staff is knowledgeable (one of them writes for the blog Teaviews), they promote sustainability with their products, and they are playful with their teas.   The recent theme is carnival themed.   Personally, I still need to purchase some cotton candy tea…

But, moving on.

I bought a cup of Main Squeeze from them.   The tea consists of green yerba maté, candied papaya, pineapple, safflower, and natural flavoring.   So sweet, no sugar needed!   Walking around the mall, I think I finished it off in twenty minutes and that was more because it was too hot to drink at first.

After my free Godiva chocolate piece, we wandered into Teavana.   Thanks to my church, I had two gift cards of an unknown amount.   Why not use them?   The workers scanned the two gift cards and found out that they totalled *drum roll please* $40!   On top of that, select teas were reduced price as a result of preparing for the next season of tea!

I bought $20 each of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls green tea, which consists of a light sweet taste when the pearls unfold, as well as a Dragonfruit Devotional herbal tea (which, by the way, my boyfriend and I are drinking now while watching Phantom of the Opera).   Talk about another delectable tea 🙂   Needless to say, I am quite please with my purchases.

And all for free 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Day Of Free Tea

  1. i’m rather envious of you for you get to have selections on tea places to go to in your town to provide you with endless tea euphoria in various flavors.


      • jakarta, capital city of indonesia. we do get TWG here. but it is as upscale as going to nice hotels for their tea selections. starbucks and coffeebeans here do offer a slight different choices from what’s found in supermarkets. too bad they are very few choices to begin with. besides, the majority of people here opt for more of an asian origin, since we get an abundance of them. but that means we are limited to pure black/red and pure green teas. it’s tough to find gourmet/blended teas around here.


      • thank you. i’m familiar with Teavana. i have actually purchased something there only to have it sent to a friend who lives in the States, as a gift. it’ll be too expensive to have it shipped all the way down here.

        thank you also for the links for the cafes. i’ve been to them. not exactly the best place for a tea session. i usually go to my stash of Oolong tea at home. when i’m out and desperate, i tend to find myself at Starbucks for their Rooibos Vanilla.

        i have recently returned from Germany trip and got myself Rooibos based mixed teas. one with herbs and honey, the other with apple and amaretto. they got tons of Rooibos teas there and i’m glad to have found a local vendor selling like 10 varieties of Rooibos mixed tea, among many others.


      • Well, I hope that you can start getting a variety of teas closer to home 🙂

        If I do hear of anything, I’ll be sure to let you know!


      • thanks. with no success in the past, i have given up on effort and hope, for a while now. maybe i should try harder and go back out there searching. who knows, maybe there are new places that serve good tea that i don’t know about.

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