One Talk Down, One To Go!

Yesterday’s Tea Love Talk at the M. Allan Vogelson Regional Branch Library was a huge success!   Thank you to the library for hosting the talk and thanks to all of those who came out to hear it 🙂

We had about thirty people from all over come to learn about about tea.   Some people were more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers, and expressed their both positive feelings towards tea (“Wow, apricot black tea is really amazing!”) and negative thoughts regarding tea (“I need a bold drink like coffee.   Tea is dirt water!”), but all responses were welcomed as everyone was in good humor.   One woman mentioned how she was just watching the History Channel that morning and saw an expose on how caffeine changed the world with their main focus being on tea.   She went on to explain that the TV show “How It’s Made” also did a show on tea and it was highly interesting.

There was a woman who made tea but drank coffee, a woman who was amazed that tea originated in China rather than Britain, and a woman with a mug in the shape of a terra cotta planter that advertised her friend’s business.   A wonderful couple who came to America from India 40 years ago explained to me that “chai” translated literally meant “tea” in multiple languages, so we laughed how “chai tea” is in fact like saying “tea tea”.

Sadly, we had to cut the party portion of the tea short, as there was another group that came in directly after us, but it was a lot of fun!

I can’t wait until my next one!   Disappointed that you missed this talk?   Make sure you come to the Fairfield Public Library on Thursday, April 10th, for my next one!

Tea Love Talk At The Fairfield Free Public Library!

Tea Love Talk At The Fairfield Free Public Library!

Plus… I have another talk that I will be announcing soon.

Another Talk?!

Another Talk?!


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