And The Winner of the First Ever Tea Love Contest Is…

Cynthia S!!!!!!!

Cynthia, congrats!   Tea Love will be shipping out your packages of iced tea (much needed for all of these hot and humid days!) and a beautiful box of Red Rose tea with a collectible nautical figurine.

Here's What Cynthia Won!

Here’s What Cynthia Won!

Hopefully you can post the photo of your figurine to Tea Love’s Facebook?

In the meantime, curious what Cynthia wrote to win the box of tea?   Read on 🙂


My Story

Like many of the Boomer generation, I grew up in a large family, not rich but never felt poor. Most Christmas times, we got pajamas and underwear, and not the fancy ones, the practical ones sturdy enough to pass down the line, along with the shoes, dresses, coats.

Well, that was fine. We were happy just to open the presents and decorate the tree. One Christmas, though, I got the most wonderful gift, I thought. It was a real china tea set. It had a teapot, the creamer and sugar bowl and four, count them, four cups and saucers. I played with that set for hours, on rainy days. I could pretend I was had so many friends who enjoyed my teas.

I still have that tea set and to my credit, from five years old till now (60+), I never broke one piece. It probably cost $2.00 when new but to me it is priceless. I thank my mother for saving it for me, so that just maybe, I will be able to pass down to my nieces’ kids.

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