Another Tea Love Review! Salada Berry Patch Black Tea Iced Tea

Tea Love is hosting a contest!

If you follow my Facebook page, then you saw that I posted a picture of a mysterious package.   Wanna know what was inside?

A Fun Package Of TEA!

Tea Love will be giving away some of this lovely tea, courtesy of Red Rose and Salada Tea!   You might remember my blog post on Red Rose Tea from January 27th this year.   Well, now Tea Love will be giving away a collection of tea to one lucky winner!   All you need to do is send an email to with your name, your address, and your best tea story (500 words maximum), anything you want as long as you write about tea.   The winner will have their story posted on my blog on Sunday, July 14th and will have this shipped to them:

If You Win The Contest, You Will Receive These Lovely Teas

The package will include 1 (one) box each of Salada Raspberry Green Tea Iced Tea, Salada Peach Nectarine Green Tea Iced Tea, Salada Berry Patch Black Tea Iced Tea, and Red Rose Original Tea.   Winners must be located within the U.S. to receive this prize.   Sorry, all international readers!   The blog post with the winner will hold the first name and first initial of the last name only.   Tea Love will not use any information provided outside of the contest.   No purchase necessary.


Our next and final iced tea in review for this month?

Salada Tea Berry Patch Black Tea for Iced Tea

Salada Tea Berry Patch Black Tea for Iced Tea

The coloration on this particular tea did not strike me as being much different than the Salada Raspberry Green Tea Iced Tea that I had originally reviewed, possibly because they are both darker teas?   After all, you would imagine that raspberry would be darker than the lighter peach nectarine, right?   This, however, is a black tea, compared to the other two teas that were green teas.   Therefore, this one has a bit more caffeine and is better for a morning sip instead of your orange juice.

My cuppa also does not have the slightly vegetative taste as the other two.   Instead, it both smells and tastes like I am drinking black licorice.   Seriously, almost exactly!   It is a bit more diluted since it is a drink, but I could almost taste it exactly.

So, if you like a slight bitterness to your drink, a kinda of after-bite, then make sure you have no sugar or milk.   However, if you want the sweetness of a piece of candy, then make sure to add only a touch of sugar to help you along the way with this drink.

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