The Wild World Of Infusers

Hello tea-lovers!!!!

Thank you so much for being patient.   Those who follow Tea Love on Facebook have heard that sadly, I have been having some personal problems that spanned back to late October.   But, fortunately, things are resolving, life is moving on and I am back!!!!

I even made a New Years resolution to cut out coffee, only allowing chai lattes 🙂   This means LOADS more tea!

Anyway, back to the blog 🙂

One of my blog readers and Facebook followers, Becky G, posted this question on my Facebook:

Becky G's Question

Becky G’s Question

Well, I recommended for Becky a tea ball, which she replied that she had.   So, I am curious if it might be cleaning that’s the issue and not the ball itself.

I personally love loose tea.   Anyone that talks to me knows that I will advise that it is a higher quality brew.   No dustings involved, the leaves have more of a chance to open up (seriously, brew a cup of loose leaf tea and watch the difference as the leaves unwither!   It’s something really cool to behold) and it’s more of a full-body tea at that point.

However, just like everyone else, I HATE cleaning out those little tea balls.   Standing over the trashcan, smacking the ball every which way until you get most of the leaves out and, if you’re like me, you usually have a few that just are too stubborn, so you get lazy and throw it in the sink.

While getting the leaves out is annoying, washing them shouldn’t be that bad.   For that, you should just have to flip the ball over and run the water through the strainer.   The tea leaves will fall into the sink trap and then you just need to then, well, stand over the trash can, smack the trap every which way until you get most of the leaves out and, if you’re like me, you usually have a few that are just too stubborn, so you get lazy and throw it back in the sink.

I wish I could say that there was an easier method.   Maybe invest in some tea strainers that advertise how easy it is to clean them?   But my personal opinion is, sadly, keep searching.   I’ve yet to find the most effective one myself.

However, that being said, there is no shortage of decorative tea balls that you can purchase!   See the slide show below for some of the more interesting ones, all found on 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “The Wild World Of Infusers

  1. Thanks! The tea ball is at least easier than the glass teapot I have. The ball I have is all mesh… I’m wondering if one of those metal looking ones that has less holes would be easier to deal with? Like many of the ones featured in your slide show in the cool shapes. I think I’ll get one to try it out, and I’ll let you know!


    • Ah yea, I LOVE the glass pot because of aesthetics and also, it allows the tea to open to its full potential, but cleaning is TERRIBLE! I usually rinse it out to get the leaves as loose as possible, throw it in the trash, repeat until I get to the very last bit of tea leaves and I just dump the rest in the trash with a little bit of water. Not the best for when your trash starts to smell, but so far, that’s all I could think of.

      Let me know what happens and maybe even post a picture 🙂


    • I’ve used the all mesh tea balls, and I have used the “more metal/less mesh” tea balls as well. I’ve also used the clamp type of tea balls and the dangle type of tea ball.

      This is my take on the situation:

      Firstly, the clamp tea balls are MUCH more secure for the leaves. I have never had a significant amount of leaves fall into my brew with them. With the dangle infusers? If it’s not the right type of infuser, the leaves fall in clumps into my tea. I am not fond of it. Because then I’m swallowing leaves not tea….haha.

      Secondly, the fully mesh ones are EXTREMELY difficult to clean…the leaves tangle in them extremely. However the ones that (for lack of better term) have a surface area with “coating” are extremely easy to clean. Seriously, just a quick wipe with a napkin and it’s done. No banging on the trash can or anything. Just *wipe* – done. Nothing left behind.

      The down side: The clamps tend to be smaller. So if you like stronger brews? it either needs to sit longer or you need a smaller cup :-\.

      However, from what I’ve noticed about infusers, the ones in that slidshow look like they’d be GREAT. I don’t know how plastic holds up against metal. But they look easy cleaning.

      Good Luck!



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