A Tea Review From A Fellow Tea Fanatic

I love tea.   That is an understatement, though.   I told my boyfriend that, if I had to choose him or tea, that he would have to start packing.

I also love hearing about other people’s fanatic love of tea.   Maybe it makes me feel less alone in my obsession.   Maybe it fuels my obsession to an extent.   Maybe there’s actually no rhyme nor reason for it.

However, in the end, reading other people’s tea love makes me happy.   So when my friend and housemate from Moravian College, Becky Ginther, told me that she wrote an article on a tea room for her profile on The Examiner, I had to read it.    Needless to say, I loved it!   Hearing about the Wild Plum Tea Room, with their specialized wild plum tea, was surely a delight.   Should I ever find myself in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I hope to stop in for a drink.

A View of the Wild Plum Tea Room, Taken by Becky Ginther

A View of the Wild Plum Tea Room, Taken by Becky Ginther

Thank you again, Becky!

Read the full article here.

Have any tea-related writing that you would like to submit for a future blog post?   Send it over to me at CAFelegi@aol.com!

6 thoughts on “A Tea Review From A Fellow Tea Fanatic

  1. I was there with my husband, daughter, mother and good friend from Alabama whose Aunt and Uncle lived in a quaint trailer home in Gatlinburg and told us about it when we were vacationing in there about 12 years ago! I remember the visit as one of the highlights of our week in Gatlinburg. In fact, I recently came across a postcard from The Wild Plum which describes it and it’s proprieters. And, “isn’t it a small country after all?”


      • Yes; we enjoyed it a great deal. The place looks and sounds exactly as it did when we were there! Very quaint, homey and delicious. And since it was in the artists’ section of Gatlinburg, we strolled thru the area and actually have some unique pieces that we purchased while we were there!


  2. Thanks for sharing! The food and tea was great but the place was just so cute and comfortable! We also visited Smoky Mountains National Park while we were there, which was beautiful. Definitely check it out if you ever get down there!


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