Tea Love: Instilling a Love of Tea, One Sip At A Time

I am currently following Tea Buddy and, while searching for inspiration for my blog for the week, I came across this posting. Tea Buddy, this story honestly warmed my heart 🙂 I’m glad that you found a friend to share a cuppa with. One day, I would love to share some with you! And I promise, I won’t recruit you to a church nor have you give away free lipstick.

Read on, my tea sipping friends 🙂

Tea Buddy

Back in India, everybody drops by for tea. And “everybody” means neighbors, friends, the trash collector, the postman, the drivers who have driven your visitors over and even the second cousin of your maid. Tea-making is a full-time job. The doorbell rings, the kettle sings and tea cups tinkle all day long. This cheeriness is aptly described by Victorian novelist George Gissing who wrote “the mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose”.

There was no happy repose when I first came to America. I was unnerved by the silence of our big house. Every small noise got amplified: the hum of the air-conditioner, the plaintive beep of the microwave warming my lunch plate and the swish of a car driving past. To kill time, I watched men and women with missing teeth claw one another on Jerry Springer. When I flipped channels it was…

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do hope our paths cross someday. Meanwhile keep well & cheers to you!


  2. Love the idea of how tea is celebrated in India.


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