Tea Love: Instilling a Love of Tea, One Sip At A Time

Hello everyone!

So, the results of the great tea versus coffee debate was sadly in favor of coffee.   However, people said that, while they use coffee to stay awake, they use tea to relax.   Maybe we were comparing apples to oranges?

Anyway, while commenting on Lorna’s Tearoom Delights blog (which I do highly recommend, a lovely woman with a lovely blog), she asked how the tea bag earrings were coming along from my blog on re-using your tea.   Honestly, it’s been quite a whirlwind of a few weeks and I plumb forgot about it.   So, with her motivation behind me, I decided to make my first ever tea bag earrings!

Make sure to view the slideshow!   I might make myself a necklace next.   But, that will be a project for another day.

Happy sipping!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Comments on: "Tea – Wonderful For The Fashionable" (10)

  1. Rick Subber said:

    This is a keeper, Catherine, I’m glad I lived long enough to see it……Rick


  2. That must look so interesting because they look like they are fresh! People must ask you questions constantly about them!


    • CAFelegi said:

      This is the first time that I am wearing them and my co-worker’s eyes went wide! I showed her the pictures and she was impressed since they look like they just came out of the cup.


  3. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it


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  7. […] stopped me.   It had way too much potential and, as an avid crafter (after all, I have made earrings and necklaces out of used tea bags!), I knew I would find some use for it.   Thus, I stored it […]


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