Tea Love: Instilling a Love of Tea, One Sip At A Time

I love Le Zoe Musings’ posts and photos but this one, I think I adore!

Boba tea (popularly known as bubble tea is delightfully tasty, gives you a bit of a pleasant surprise when you slurp up a tapioca ball (found at your local Asian food market) and is chock full of health benefits if you make it using matcha like Le Zoe Musings recommends.

Matcha green tea uses the entire tea leaf.   It is ground into a fine powder and is used for Japanese tea ceremonies.   It is also believed to have that many more health benefits since you do use the whole leaf.

Read more about Le Zoe Musings’ great blog here:

Green Tea Bobas { Homemade }


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    • CAFelegi said:

      Thank you for re-blogging! I think you might have re-blogged a re-blog, LOL, so you might want to go and check out the Tea Bobas blog 🙂

      However, I appreciate the re-post!


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