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The Power of Tea!

While reading through my Google News Alert for tea the other day (yes, I am that obsessed), I saw one headline that intrigued me:

High-tech tea bags transform dirty water” from ABC News.

…Wait, what?

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Tosco from ABC News, showing women gathering drinking water for their families.

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Tosco from ABC News, showing women gathering drinking water for their families.

I read further and found out that  Professor Eugene Cloete and his team at Stellenbosch University have developed a “tea bag” containing active carbon granules.   These granules can kill even the nastiest germs and bacteria, which Professor Cloete says is the main problem.   He expects this tea bag to pretty much eradicate cholera!

This tea bag, made up of microfibers one hundredth of the width of a human hair (seriously, pluck out a hair and look at it.   Now imagine something one hundredth of the width of that strand!) is placed over the neck of a dirty water bottle in a special cartridge still being created.   When the water is poured out, it will come out clean.

If these tea bags pass safety tests, it will be distributed to nations in need.

One thing that people know about me is that I love tea.   I’m pretty sure that I’ve made that obvious through this blog and my plan to one day write a book about tea.   My second passion that is probably on par with tea is philanthropy.   Yes, I have gone as far as to write about that as well for The Examiner.   The concept that these two passions have finally come together is really exciting to me!

Think about it – the idea of the tea bag has been around since about 1904 when they were first marketed by New York tea and coffee shop merchant Thomas Sullivan.   Now, 108 years later, this simple concept is being developed to save perhaps thousands of people from facing terrible diseases, some of which are fatal.

Personally, I am curious how else the idea of the tea bag or even just tea in general can be used to save lives.   A mesh bag, a “miracle drink,” boiling water – surely that combination can create endless possibilities for usage and inspiration.

It’s nice to hear that something so simple and so small can be used to make a world of a difference.


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