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Hello, fellow tea lovers!

I wanted to do a quick post with an interesting article I just read to follow up with my blog regarding British tea ceremony.   Apparently, the British are moving away from the traditional teapot and moving more towards the tea mug, which is causing a bit of a disturbance.

What are your thoughts on the issue?   Is tea best served in a teapot, when the leaves can open and the tea made with a higher quality, or a tea mug, where a tea bag can be thrown in for efficiency and expediency?


Source Credit:

Scotsman.com.   “Tea trend makes mug of tradition.”   Scotsman.com, 4 Feb 2012.   Web.   6 Feb 2012.


Comments on: "Tea Ceremony Versus Expedience" (4)

  1. I’m always in a rush so I vote mug


  2. Tea tastes best from the tea pot… as is evidenced when you dine at a Chinese resturant!


  3. Sima Murphy said:

    They should stick with the pot. If the British don’t keep to the tea ceremony, the tradition will be lost.


    • Interesting point! I wonder how much thought people are giving to that as opposed to being busy all the time.


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